Hi everyone, I’m Jack. Today I want to share with you my and my two brothers, Duke Keppel and Hyman Montgomery’s hunting experience in McCook last month. We are all passionate hunters and often go to different places to explore and challenge ourselves. This time we chose McCook, a small city in the southwest of Nebraska, because we heard there are many excellent hunting grounds and abundant wildlife resources there. We planned to stay there for a week, hunt during the day, and stay in a local hotel at night. As night hunting was involved, we all prepared night vision binoculars to better observe and aim at animals in the dark. In addition to hunting, we also planned to visit McCook’s scenic spots and taste local food. McCook is a city with a long history and culture. It was established in 1882 and named after Union General Alexander McDowell McCook during the American Civil War. It is also known as the “Buffalo Commons” capital because it is located in the center of the American high plains. We looked forward to spending a memorable time in this charming and vibrant city.

Before we set off, we first learned about McCook’s geographical location and climatic characteristics to prepare ourselves. McCook is located in the southwest of Nebraska, not far from the borders of Colorado and Kansas. It has a temperate continental climate with distinct four seasons. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are cold and dry. We went there in September, in the autumn when the temperature was comfortable and the scenery was beautiful. The animals we planned to hunt were mainly deer, rabbits, and pheasants, which are common wildlife in the area.

In addition to preparing hunting equipment such as night vision binoculars, we also needed to apply for hunting licenses and purchase habitat stamps. According to Nebraska’s hunting rules, we needed to apply for hunting licenses online or through our phones and provide proof of identity and residency (as the fees for residents and non-residents are different). We also needed to present proof of completion of hunter education courses between ages 12 and 29 (as required by Nebraska law). Additionally, we needed to purchase habitat stamps (at $10 each) to support local wildlife conservation and management efforts. After completing these procedures, we could legally hunt on public land in McCook.

After obtaining the hunting license and habitat stamp, we began our hunting trip. We chose several public lands near McCook as our hunting grounds, including Red Willow SRA, Medicine Creek SRA, and Swanson SRA, all of which have many excellent hunting spots and abundant wildlife resources where we could find the deer, rabbits, pheasants, and other animals we wanted. We set off every morning, returned at night, and only stopped at the hotel for meals and rest. We all carried night vision binoculars to better observe and aim at animals at dusk or in the dark. We also used these binoculars to take some photos or videos, recording our hunting process and experience.

During this week, we encountered many different animals, some of which were easy to shoot, while others were difficult. Our happiest moment was when we shot a big deer at Red Willow SRA, which had beautiful antlers and a robust body. We observed it through night vision binoculars for a long time, then quietly approached it and finally shot its heart with one bullet. We dragged it onto the car and celebrated happily. It was the most unforgettable experience of our hunting trip. Besides deer, we also shot some rabbits and pheasants, which were all delicious food. We brought them back to the hotel and let the chef cook them into various dishes for us, enjoying a sumptuous dinner.

During the hunting process in McCook, we felt the fun and challenge of hunting. We not only exercised our bodies and wills, but also strengthened our brotherly feelings. We also appreciated McCook’s beautiful natural scenery and rich wildlife resources. We believe that McCook is a very suitable place for hunting and worth recommending to all hunting enthusiasts.



In addition to hunting, we did not forget to visit and taste the scenic spots and delicious food in McCook. McCook is a city with a long history and culture, and it has many scenic spots and unique local delicacies. Besides hunting, we also visited some places we were interested in, such as museums, parks, and historic buildings. We learned about McCook’s past and present, and felt its charm and vitality.

We went to the Museum of the High Plains Historical Society, which is a museum showcasing the history of McCook and the surrounding area. We saw many precious artifacts and pictures there, such as the original Carnegie Library, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed houses, and various school-related memorabilia. We also went to the Senator George Norris State Historic Site, which is a place commemorating Union General Alexander McDowell McCook during the American Civil War. We saw his residence and office, as well as some of his personal belongings and documents. We also went to some parks, such as Kelley Park, which is a place suitable for family leisure and entertainment. We walked, played games, and enjoyed the scenery there.

In addition to sightseeing, we also tasted the delicious food in McCook. McCook has many different types of restaurants and cafes, which can satisfy various tastes and needs. We tried some local specialties such as meat, bread, and cakes. Our favorite was Knowlen & Yates, which is a shop providing kitchen/food/coffee services. They have many fresh and delicious foods, such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups, etc. They also have many exquisite gifts, such as dinosaur taco plates, etc. We also liked Longnecker Jewelr, which is a shop providing jewelry and gift services. They have many beautiful and high-quality jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. They also have many friendly and professional employees who can help us choose suitable jewelry or gifts.

During our trip to McCook, we felt the enthusiasm and friendliness of the locals. They were very welcoming and friendly to us, giving us a lot of help and advice. They were also interested in us, asking us some questions about hunting and traveling. They made us feel like welcomed and respected guests.

In summary, my two brothers and I had a very unforgettable and interesting trip hunting in McCook. We not only enjoyed the fun and challenge of hunting, but also appreciated McCook’s scenic spots and delicious food. We believe that McCook is a very suitable place for hunting, as well as a very charming and vibrant city. We have a deep impression and fondness for McCook, as well as more love and expectations for hunting. We hope to have the opportunity to come to McCook again and continue to explore and challenge ourselves. We also recommend all hunting enthusiasts to come to McCook and experience the hunting trip here. We believe you will not be disappointed.

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