I am a person who loves hunting. I have two like-minded friends, Drew Zechariah and Madge Godwin. Last month, we decided to go hunting in the Lost River State Forest, a national forest located in Minnesota, bordering Canada, with many wild animals and beautiful scenery.

We chose to hunt at night because we thought it would be more challenging and exciting. However, it’s not easy to see the target clearly in the dark, so we all prepared night vision binoculars. This is a device that can magnify light and heat, allowing us to see the silhouette and details of animals at night.

The night vision binoculars we used were the Night Owl Pro Nexgen Night Vision Binocular, which is an excellent product that provides 5x magnification and a 50mm objective lens, with a wide and clear field of view. We were all very satisfied with this night vision binoculars, which made us feel like it was daytime in the dark.

On the first night of hunting in Lost River State Forest, we encountered a huge wild boar, which was gnawing at the roots of a tree. We observed it with night vision binoculars for a while and then decided to shoot. The three of us aimed at the wild boar’s head at the same time and pulled the trigger. The wild boar let out a scream and fell to the ground. We ran over to check and found that it was already dead. We were very excited; this was the biggest game we had ever hunted.

On the second night of hunting in Lost River State Forest, we were not so lucky. We walked in the forest for a long time but didn’t find anything. We scanned the surroundings with night vision binoculars but didn’t see any targets worth shooting. Just when we were about to give up, we heard a low roar coming from behind us. We quickly turned around and found a black bear charging towards us. We were scared and quickly picked up our guns to aim at it. However, our hands were trembling in the dark, and we couldn’t aim accurately. We had to shoot randomly, hoping to scare or hit it. Fortunately, one bullet seemed to hit its leg, slowing it down. We took the opportunity to run away without looking back to see if it was still chasing us. That was the scariest experience we had ever had in our hunting career.

On the third night of hunting in Lost River State Forest, we decided to change our strategy. We found a high ground and set up a temporary camp with tents and sleeping bags. Then, we observed the surroundings with night vision binoculars and found some small animals such as rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons. We thought these animals might attract larger predators, so we decided to wait for an opportunity. Soon after, we saw a gray shadow flickering in the moonlight. It was a gray wolf silently approaching a rabbit that was eating. We carefully observed its movements with the night vision binoculars and then simultaneously fired, hoping to hit it. Our bullets flew over its head and missed. However, it was scared away by our gunfire and didn’t get to eat the rabbit. We felt a little regretful, but also thought it was a rare observation opportunity. We continued to observe with the night vision binoculars for a while and didn’t find any other large animals. We decided to pack up and return to our car, ending the hunting trip.



During the day of hunting in Lost River State Forest, we didn’t idle. We took the opportunity to visit some local attractions and taste some local food. Our favorite attraction was the Cranny Crow Overlook, which is an observation deck located at the top of Big Ridge Mountain, overlooking the magnificent scenery of five counties. We took many photos there and felt the charm of nature. We also saw some rare or special birds, such as gray owls, snow owls, northern hawk owls, and northern saw-whet owls. These birds are among the bird-watching attractions of Lost River State Forest.

Our favorite food was a restaurant called Lost River Grill, located in Mathias town not far from the forest. This restaurant offers various delicious dishes such as steak, burgers, salads, soups, and desserts. Our favorite was their specialty dish called Lost River Pot Pie, which is a pie wrapped in puff pastry with chicken, potatoes, and vegetables, very rich and satisfying. We ordered this dish every time we went there because it was too delicious. In addition to this dish, we also tried some local snacks such as fried corn cakes, smoked ham, and jelly cake. These snacks were very distinctive and made us feel the local culture and flavor.

In summary, this hunting trip to Lost River State Forest was a memorable experience. We not only enjoyed the fun of hunting but also appreciated the local scenery and food. We observed various animals with night vision binoculars at night and sometimes encountered thrilling or interesting incidents. We climbed Big Ridge Mountain on the White Oak Trail and the Millers Rock Trail during the day, enjoyed the spectacular view of Cranny Crow Overlook, and saw some rare or special birds. We ate at a restaurant called Lost River Grill in Mathias town, tasted their specialty dish Lost River Pot Pie, and tried some local snacks.

I think this trip brought us closer to nature and enhanced our friendship. We left a deep impression on Lost River State Forest and were very satisfied with the night vision binoculars. We hope to have the opportunity to come back here for hunting and also recommend others to come here and experience it.

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