I am a veteran who served in the Marine Corps for six years and participated in many overseas missions. In the army, I met two of my best comrades, Stanford Joe and Ivy Roy. They are also veterans who served in the Air Force and the Army respectively. We have common hobbies and ideals, and often go out to play together, sharing our stories and feelings.


Last month, we decided to go hunting in Cincinnati, because we heard that there are many wild animals there, such as deer, foxes, coyotes, etc., and the scenery is beautiful and the climate is pleasant. We booked a cabin online in advance, prepared enough equipment and food, and bought a high-cost-effective infrared binoculars from a Chinese brand wildguarder. This binoculars can clearly observe the contours and details of animals in the dark, and has multiple magnification and modes to choose from, which is very suitable for night hunting.


We stayed in Cincinnati for a week, and every day was full of joy and surprise. We tracked and shot various prey in the forest, and sometimes encountered some rare animals, such as raccoons, hedgehogs, hawks, etc. We used wildguarder to help us find and lock the target, which made our hunting more easy and efficient. We also used it to take some wonderful videos and photos, recording our hunting process and results. We would go back to the cabin every night, roast meat with a bonfire, drink beer, chat, sing, play games. We felt like we were back in the army days, full of passion and warmth.


In addition to hunting, we also went to some famous attractions and restaurants in Cincinnati, experiencing the local culture and cuisine. We visited the Cincinnati Art Museum, admiring a variety of artworks, from ancient to modern, from east to west. We were shocked and moved by those creative and inspiring works, and also learned a lot about art knowledge and history. We also went to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, seeing many cute and exotic animals and plants, such as elephants, hippos, koalas, cacti, orchids, etc. We had close contact with those creatures, feeling the wonder and beauty of nature. We tasted Cincinnati chili, a specialty dish with meat sauce and cheese poured on pasta, very delicious and moderately spicy. We ate this unique dish while chatting about Cincinnati’s history and customs, feeling the warmth and friendliness of the locals. We also ate Graeter’s ice cream, a kind of ice cream made with French handmade methods, with a delicate texture and a variety of flavors. We would try different flavors every time, such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc., each one made us praise. We felt that Cincinnati was a charming and vibrant city that made us linger.


This trip was very meaningful to us. It not only let us enjoy the fun and challenge of hunting, but also let us enhance our friendship and trust. We cooperated and supported each other in hunting, just like we did on the battlefield. We joked and amused each other in playing, just like we did when we were kids. We listened and understood each other in chatting, just like we were confidants. We felt that we were not only comrades, but also brothers.


It not only let us appreciate the beautiful scenery and rich culture of Cincinnati, but also let us relax our body and mind, forgetting the troubles and pressures of daily life. We saw different landscapes and humanities in Cincinnati, felt different atmospheres and rhythms. We felt that this was a rare opportunity to change the environment and relax ourselves, which made us regain the joy and motivation of life.


Here, we would like to thank our infrared binoculars wildguarder, which brought us a lot of convenience and fun for our hunting. It has clear picture quality, powerful functions, simple operation, reasonable price, and is one of the best infrared binoculars we have ever seen. It allows us to see the every move of animals in the dark, even their eyes and expressions. It allows us to accurately judge the position and distance of animals, avoiding accidental injury or empty shots. It allows us to record our hunting experience and results, share with others or keep as a souvenir. It allows us to better appreciate the wonderful and mysterious night nature, discover some scenes and phenomena that we usually can’t see. We strongly recommend it to anyone who likes hunting or exploring night nature, you will not be disappointed.


Cincinnati, you are our forever friend! You gave us an unforgettable memory, you made us feel the beauty and wonder of life. We hope to come back here one day and relive those wonderful times with you. We also hope that more people can come here and feel your charm and warmth. Cincinnati, we love you!

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