As a hunting enthusiast, I always crave to explore new places, find new targets, and experience new adventures. I’m fortunate to have two like-minded friends, Doris Milton and Saxon Juliana, who share my interests. The three of us are inseparable, and we’ve traveled to many hunting sanctuaries, enjoying the thrill and challenge of hunting. Last month, we decided to go to a place we’ve never been to before, Saxon Juliana. It’s a hunter’s paradise with a variety of wild animals waiting for us to discover and capture. It’s also a tourist destination with breathtaking scenery and tantalizing cuisine. We planned to stay there for a week, hiking and hunting during the day and night. To see the movements of animals clearly in the dark, we specifically chose the Chinese brand, WildGuarder’s night vision binoculars, which have high clarity, low noise, and long battery life, and are super affordable. We set off excitedly, looking forward to a fun and surprising trip.

Night vision binoculars are one of the essential hunting equipment that allows us to see the shape and location of animals in the dark, improving our hunting efficiency and safety. When preparing for this trip, we spent a lot of time and effort selecting the right night vision binoculars. We compared various brands and models on the market and ultimately chose a WildGuarder night vision binoculars, the WG-80.

We chose this night vision binoculars for the following reasons:

Firstly, it has high clarity. It uses high-performance infrared illuminator and high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, providing high-definition images and videos in complete darkness. It also supports 4x digital zoom and 1.5x optical zoom, enabling us to see farther and clearer targets.

Secondly, it has low noise. It uses low-noise electronic components and optimized software algorithms, reducing noise and blurriness in images and videos. It also supports silent mode, allowing us to hunt without disturbing animals or attracting attention.

Thirdly, it has a long battery life. It uses high-capacity lithium batteries and low-power design, providing up to 6 hours of continuous use. It also supports external power supplies and mobile power supplies, allowing us to charge and use it anytime during our trip.

Finally, it has a reasonable price. While guaranteeing high quality and performance, it also considers consumers’ needs and budget. It sells for only around $300 in the international market, much cheaper than similar products.

We ordered this night vision binoculars online and received it quickly. When we opened the package, we were attracted by its appearance and texture. Its shell is made of sturdy and durable plastic with a non-slip and scratch-resistant rubber coating. It weighs around 800 grams and is about 200x86x56 millimeters in size. It has a comfortable rubber eyepiece, a convenient focusing wheel, a simple and easy-to-use button panel, a clear and bright LCD screen, a detachable shoulder strap, and a waterproof and dustproof storage bag. It also has a USB interface, a TF card slot, an AV output interface, and a DC input interface.

We followed the instructions to set up and test it and found that this night vision binoculars is very easy to use. It can automatically recognize ambient light and turn on or off the infrared illuminator as needed. It can take high-definition images and videos in different modes and supports real-time playback and deletion. It can display current date, time, battery level, mode, zoom, and other information on the LCD screen. It can transmit images and videos to computers or other devices through the USB interface or TF card slot. It can output images and videos to TV or other displays through the AV output interface. It can charge or use external power supplies or mobile power supplies through the DC input interface.

We are very satisfied with this night vision binoculars, and we think it’s our best partner for this trip. We can’t wait to use it for hunting and see what surprises and rewards it can bring us.

Our hunting experience in Saxon Juliana was very exciting and unforgettable. Every night we would bring our night vision binoculars and go in our off-road vehicle to nearby forests or grasslands to look for animal tracks. We saw many animals we had never seen before, some gentle, some fierce, some rare, and some common. We observed their behavior and habits, took pictures and videos, and recorded their location and number. We also aimed at the targets we wanted to capture with our binoculars, shot them with our firearms or bows and arrows, and collected their fur or meat.

We gained a lot from hunting, not just material things but also spiritual ones. We gained knowledge and experience from many animals, some of which increased our insight, some improved our skills, and some made us more respectful of nature. We also gained a lot of pleasure and thrills from hunting, some of which made us laugh out loud, some made our hearts race, and some will be unforgettable.

Of course, we also encountered many difficulties and challenges in hunting, not only from animals but also from the environment and ourselves. We encountered some dangerous or hostile animals, such as lions, leopards, and wolf packs, which not only threatened our safety but also took away our prey. We also encountered some harsh or complex environments, such as heavy rain, swamps, and mountains, which not only affected our vision and movement but also increased our risks and consumption. We also encountered some physical or psychological problems, such as injuries, illnesses, fatigue, fear, and anxiety, which not only affected our condition and performance but also our emotions and confidence. When we encountered these difficulties and challenges, we helped and encouraged each other, used our wisdom and courage to overcome them, and used our night vision binoculars to assist us in our actions and judgment. After overcoming these difficulties and challenges, we felt a sense of achievement and satisfaction, as well as a sense of unity and friendship.




Our play and food tasting in Saxon Juliana were also very pleasant and rich. During the day, we went to some nearby scenic spots to admire and take photos, and experience the local scenery and culture. We saw some spectacular and beautiful natural landscapes, such as waterfalls, lakes, mountains, and forests, which made us feel the magic and infinite charm of nature. We saw some ancient and unique cultural landscapes, such as churches, castles, museums, and manors, which made us feel the local history and tradition. We also saw some interesting and novel modern landscapes, such as amusement parks, shopping centers, cinemas, and bars, which made us feel the local vitality and fashion.

Every night, we went to some restaurants or snack bars nearby to taste and enjoy the local food, satisfying our taste buds and appetites. We ate some delicious and healthy traditional dishes, such as roast lamb, mashed potatoes, lamb soup, and apple pie, which made us feel the local flavor and characteristics. We also ate some novel and creative modern dishes, such as hamburgers, pizzas, salads, and ice cream, which made us feel the local diversity and innovation. We also ate some exotic and adventurous foreign dishes, such as sushi, curry, and pizza, which made us feel the local openness and inclusiveness.

Our trip to Saxon Juliana was an unforgettable experience that gave us a lot and made us feel a lot. We gained a lot of animal fur or meat, as well as animal knowledge and experience. We felt the pleasure and thrill of hunting, as well as the difficulties and challenges of hunting. We gained a lot of photos and videos of scenery and food, as well as impressions and tastes of scenery and food. We felt the joy and richness of tourism, as well as the culture and fashion of tourism. We are very grateful for our night vision binoculars, which were our best and most loyal partners in our journey. They enabled us to see animals clearly in the dark and record them. They made us more efficient and safe in hunting, as well as more interesting and exciting.

We love and appreciate Saxon Juliana very much, which is a charming and vibrant place. It has a rich variety of animals, beautiful and charming scenery, delicious and tasty food, and friendly and hospitable people. It gave us a rare opportunity and experience, as well as unforgettable memories and feelings. We look forward to coming here again and exploring the mysteries and beauties of this place.

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