WildGuarder S360 Solar Panel Kit For Hunting & Outdoors


  • Never Worry About Batteries:  While other portable solar panels are complicated to install, break after a few months or they just destroy your camera, the Premium 8000 mAh Solar Panel from WildGuarder S1 is ready to use out of the box. It is uniquely designed to power efficiently all 6v 9V 12V Cellular Game Cameras (3G and 4G Trail cam)
  • Save Money AND Time: You don’t want to waste hours driving to change the batteries of your trail cam or spend $10 every 2 weeks on new batteries. Our New x58 6V 9V 12V Solar Panel allows you to take advantage of renewable solar energy and cleanly power your hunting cam without changing the batteries or visiting the camera. Thousands of customers asked for a solar charger and we delivered. – It’s never been easier
  • Solar Energy is the Best Power Option: The WildGuarder S1 Trail Camera Solar Panel has a Lithium 8000 mAh Battery to store the solar energy and the trail cam will take all the power it needs from the Lithium battery. The Solar Panel doesn’t charge the AA batteries because it has its own battery! Customers claimed that they didn’t check on the camera or the batteries for over a year
  • Protect the Environment & Your Wallet: Going through hundreds of batteries isn’t good for the environment. Why not use a solar charging system when it’s the cheapest and most efficient powering option for your game cam? the monocrystalline solar cells ensure that the motion detection sensor and IR LEDs always function at maximum performance


1)Full 8000mAh capacity.
2)14W Hight Power.
2)3 Output voltages: 6V(2.4A)/9V(1.6A)/12V(1.2A)
3)4 size adapters:
USB Cable
Suitable for all kinds Hunting camera in the market
4)Bulit-in 12x4pcs Li Battery(Oiriginal LG)
5)High-Quality Mono Crystalline Silicon,Fast charging
6)Lightningproof Crcuit.


1) Brand:WildGuarder
2) Model:S360
3) Capacity:30W
4) Output Power:14W
5) Input Voltge:5V/2A
6) Output Voltage:6V(2.4A)/9V(1.6A)/12V(1.2A)
7) Adapter:4 kinds 4 kinds (5.5×2.1mm/4.0×1.7mm/3.5×1.35mm/USB Cable)
8) Capacity:full 3000mAh
9) Working Temperature:-20C~60C/-4F~140F
10)Charging time:5 hours if Charging by 5v/2A adapter,40hours charging by sunshine,
11) Color:Black
12) Built in Panels:3w Original LG Li battery,Hight quality Mono Crystalline Silicon.
13) Screw hole:M5 size(1/4 inch)
14) Dimension:188x157x36mm
15) Net Weight:942g
16) Packing Size:205x175x87mm
17) Packing Weight:848g
18) OEM:Yes(MOQ 10pcs)


Solar Panel–1pc
Instruction Manual-1pc
Input USB cable for charging–1pc
4.0×1.7mm output cable–1pc
3.5×1.35mm output cable–1pc
5.5×2.1mm output cable–1pc
Tripod Mount–1pc

Solar Panel Charger for Hunting Trail Cameras Application:

1)All the wild camera in the market.Include Basic game camera,2G/3G/4G brand trail cameras,
2)Brand:Moultrie,Kuool,Spartan,Snyper,Bushnell,CreativeXP,SPYPOINT,APEMAN,Campark, Stealthcam,Browning, Forestcam,Uovision,Spromise,Willfine,Suntek,Campark,Wildgame etc.
3)Deeder Feeder Kit,include Moultrie,wildgame etc.
4)Security Cameras,all the safty camera support 6v/9v/12v.